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Emory UVP

Spring 2024 UERU UVP & CAP Meetings

June 5-7, 2024

Atlanta, GA

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Lamborn-Hughes Institute at Colorado State University

August 6-8, 2024

Fort Collins, CO

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UVP “Hot Topic” Drop-In Sessions

 UVP “Hot Topic” Drop-In Sessions on Wednesdays

  • Dates: 5/29/24, 6/19/24
  • Time: 3:30pm ET, 2:30pm CT, 1:30pm MT, 12:30pm PT
  • The link may be found in the “UVP Members” MyUERU community or in the meeting invite sent to member UVPs.

UVP “Hot Topic” Drop-In Sessions on Thursdays

  • Dates: 5/16/24
  • Time: 12:00pm ET, 11:00am CT, 10:00am MT, 9:00am PT
  • The link may be found in the “UVP Members” MyUERU community or in the meeting invite sent to member UVPs.

Future Meetings

  • UVP Meeting at the University of California, San Diego (October 22-24, 2024; San Diego, CA)

  • National Conference, co-located with AAC&U (January 22-23, 2025; Washington, D.C.)

  • UVP Meeting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Harvard University (Spring 2025; Cambridge, MA)

  • UVP Meeting at the University of Texas, San Antonio (Fall 2025, San Antonio, TX)

  • UVP Meeting at The Ohio State University (Spring 2026, Columbus, OH)
  • UVP Meeting at the University of Miami (Fall 2026, Coral Gables, FL)

Past UERU Events & Colloquia

  • UERU-sponsored University of Pittsburgh Mentoring & Advising Summit (March 8, 2024; virtual)
  • "Community Conversations" Webinar Series: Transfer Student Advising (January 26, 2024; virtual)
  • National Conference, co-located with AAC&U (January 17-18, 2024; Washington, D.C.)

  • Fall 2023 UERU Meetings at the University of Arizona (October 17-20, 2023; Tucson, AZ)
  • UVP Meeting at Temple University (May 31 - June 2, 2023; Philadelphia, PA)

  • Biennial National Conference & UVP Meeting at Howard University (November 14-16, 2022; Arlington, VA)

  • Town Hall on High Impact Practices Today (August 1, 2022, featuring George Kuh and Bethany Usher).

  • Lamborn-Hughes Institute (June 21-24, 2022; Fort Collins, CO; Institute Faculty were Bethany Usher [George Mason], Anne Alexander [Wyoming], and Daryl Joji Maeda [CU-Boulder])

  • UVP & CAP Meeting at the University of Notre Dame (May 24-26, 2022; South Bend, IN)

  • Teagle Foundation co-sponsored Colloquium on Liberal Education at Research Universities (March 2022, New York City, NY; featuring keynote addresses by Andrew Delbanco, Teagle Foundation/Columbia University; Roosevelt Montás, Columbia University; and Melinda Zook, Purdue University; and several rich UERU-organized panels).

    • Recordings of keynotes and panels may be found in the “UVP Members” and “Colloquium on Liberal Education in Research Universities” MyUERU community.
  • Teaching & Learning Colloquium (Nov. 18, 2021)

  • UVP Virtual Meeting (Nov. 17, 2021)

  • Teaching & Learning Town Hall Series

    • Questioning Assumptions in Teaching & Learning, Michael Dennin, UC Irvine, co-hosted by TILT at CSU (Sept. 7, 2021)

    • Reframing the Faculty Role at Research Universities, Archie Holmes, University of Texas System, co-hosted by the College of Liberal Arts at CSU (Sept. 16, 2021)

    • Leading Strategic Change in Undergraduate Education, Jennifer Brown, UC Riverside (Sept. 28, 2021)

  • Virtual UVP meeting (Nov. 12, 2020)

  • Virtual Workshops (Nov. 13, 2020). Three workshops: Conquering Imposter Syndrome facilitated by HERS for mid-career women; a Strategic Enrollment Management Workshop for UVPs; and a Curricular Analytics Workshop for "CA" devotees.

  • Town Hall with Dr. Claude Steele, featuring Dr. Mary Murphy and the Student Experience Project (Oct. 13, 2020) | Watch recording here.

  • NACADA Administrators’ Institute follow-on to the RC advising colloquium and community of practice (Feb. 6-8, 2020; New Orleans)
  • Greg Heileman (University of Arizona) addressing the APLU Western Land-Grant Cluster on Curricular Analytics (Sept. 14, 2019; Fort Collins).

  • Academic Advising Colloquium concurrent and occasionally overlapping the UC Davis UVP Meeting (Oct. 14-16, 2019; Davis).

  • Greg Heileman (University of Arizona) & Chaouki Abdallah (Georgia Tech) presenting on curricular analytics to the APLU Powered by Publics pre-conference meeting (Nov. 9, 2019; San Diego).

  • RC@POD: Nov. 14 POD annual conference session featuring Michael Dennin, University of California, Irvine, with discussants Gwen Gorzelsky (Colorado State University), Archie Holmes (University of Virginia), and Marsha Lovett (Carnegie Mellon University); Nov. 15 interactive luncheon panel on R1/2 teaching challenges featuring Debie Lohe (Saint Louis University), Michael Wysession (Washington University in Saint Louis), and Steve Cramer (University of Wisconsin, Madison), moderated by Amy Burkert (Carnegie Mellon University).

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